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John Lesslie Hall 4 – The Lady Rowena

The Lady Rowena by John Lesslie Hall Few were the months ere foes numberless At the seashore’s sands savagely harassed The king of the Kentmen. The cruel, blood-thirsty Men of the Picts minded but little, then, Foes from the northland, how the fair-haired, dauntless Earlmen of Anglia ever intrepidly Hewed them with edges, aiding the […]

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John Lesslie Hall 3 – The Death Of Horsa

The Death Of Horsa by John Lesslie Hall Six-Winters’ time had the sweet, wavy-haired, Curly-locked queen of Kent-land and Albion Delighted her lord, lived with decorum As wife of his bosom. War-mooded men, then, Hot-hearted Kentmen, harassed the spirit Of Rowena the winsome, well-lov├Ęd, far-famed Queen of the Kentmen; cruelly vexed her, Said she had […]

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