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John Lesslie Hall 3 – The Death Of Horsa

The Death Of Horsa by John Lesslie Hall Six-Winters’ time had the sweet, wavy-haired, Curly-locked queen of Kent-land and Albion Delighted her lord, lived with decorum As wife of his bosom. War-mooded men, then, Hot-hearted Kentmen, harassed the spirit Of Rowena the winsome, well-lov├Ęd, far-famed Queen of the Kentmen; cruelly vexed her, Said she had […]

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2006 – Second campaign against Orange telephone mast. A letter from the Odinic Rite to interested parties: The Ancient White Horse Stone Under Attack! Once again the ancient White Horse Stone in the county of Kent, England and the area around it has come under attack from the mobile phone company Orange! Only two years […]

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Guardians Ostara meeting and 6th clean-up

Guardians Ostara meeting and 6th clean-up

Greetings All The Guardians will be holding their first clean up to 2007 on Ostara 21st (Saturday 21st April). The White Horse Stone is I am pleased to say almost completely clear of major rubbish and only general litter picking is required to maintain the site at present. That being the case I have decided […]

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