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The clean-up begins

The clean-up begins

Following the recent vandalism of the Stone we began the task of removal and restoration. Hengest, Asrad and Ian spent hours painstakingly removing paint whilst trying not to mark the stone and the result was that the graffiti was greatly reduced and we are confident that with time it will disappear. It was a difficult […]

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White Horse Stone attacked again!

White Horse Stone attacked again!

Just as the stone was beginning to recover from the last attack and efforts to fade the paint naturally were taking effect, we are sad to report that the stone has once again been subjected to an act of vandalism. We received a report that someone had painted “runic” symbols on the stone in red […]

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White Horse Stone Vandalised!

White Horse Stone Vandalised!

It has been a little while since we have updated this site, but this does not mean we have not been active, far from it. As some of the visitors to this site will know the White Horse Stone has been desecrated by a wanton act of vandalism. At the end of March we discovered […]

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Valley of Visions website

Valley of Visions website

The Valley of Visions is a 2.5 million National Lottery funded project for the Medway Gap. The project touches the White Horse Stone and other Megaliths in the area so if you are interested in our folks heritage, you might want to check out the official website, though it does appear incomplete at this stage. […]

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The White Horse Stone and the Valley of Visions.

We had heard that there was a project called the Valley of Visions but little information could be found about this, however in September we were contacted by Richard Haynes of the Kent Downs AONB Unit. Richard is the Landscape, Heritage and Access officer for the Valley of Visions project and so has a direct […]

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Planting of New Life - 8th Guardians Event

Planting of New Life – 8th Guardians Event

On the 9th Lenting the Guardians of the White Horse Stone gathered for the 8th Guardians event. Previously, I had reported that in late Fogmoon last year we had planted around 30 hedge plants which we had obtained free from the charity Woodland Trust. After that event, I had ordered a further 30 hedge plants […]

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Planting at the WHS

Planting at the WHS

In late Fogmoon (November) Andy Robertson and myself met at the White Horse Stone to plant 30 native hedge plants. For the past few years we have been removed a great deal of rubbish from the immediate and surrounding area and at our last clear up we decided it was the right time to begin […]

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Guardians Ostara meeting and 6th clean-up

Guardians Ostara meeting and 6th clean-up

Greetings All The Guardians will be holding their first clean up to 2007 on Ostara 21st (Saturday 21st April). The White Horse Stone is I am pleased to say almost completely clear of major rubbish and only general litter picking is required to maintain the site at present. That being the case I have decided […]

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White Horse Stone, Orange & Me

  I finally got around to ringing Orange for a PAC(K) code today, that enables me to change network. I have been meaning to dump them for a while after I heard about the White Horse Stone. It seems they have given up their plans for a second time, nevertheless, I don’t want anything to […]

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WHS the decision!!!

Greetings All Well curiosity got the better of me and so I thought I’d do a search on the Maidstone planning website. The news from the site is, I am sure you will agree with me, rather pleasing. The application has been REFUSED!!!! Yes! Yes! Yes! Main Location:LAND OFF CHATHAM ROAD, MAIDSTONE Status Refused on […]

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Anti Phone Mast Posters at WHS

Anti Phone Mast Posters at WHS

Thought I would post a few pictures of the area that Orange wish to destroy and show you the posters that we put up yesterday.

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White Horse Stone under attack!!

Greetings All I have the disturbing news to bring you that the White Horse stone has once again come under attack by the mobile phone company Orange. I received the following e-mail from a local lady and friend of the OR. Hi Asrad, Disturbing news today. Orange has put in an application for a phone […]

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Fourth Guardians Clean-up

Fourth Guardians Clean-up

On the 11th Lenting this year a 21 strong team of Guardians set about clearing further rubbish from the area around the sacred White Horse Stone. To be perfectly honest I had not anticipated collecting a great deal of rubbish as so much had already been cleared on previous clean-ups, yet the twenty one strong […]

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White Horse Stone nominated as English Icon

The White Horse Stone has been nominated as an English icon at The site asks members of the public to vote on a whole host of entries to find definitive icons of England. The nomination was entered with the following comment: The ancient White Horse Stone in Kent is, according to English legend, the […]

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Guardians meet for 2nd clean up.

Guardians meet for 2nd clean up.

On Saturday 19th Lenting, the second meeting of the Guardians of the WHS took place. As on previous occasions, we all gathered at the Lower Bell public house car park before making our way up towards the site. Whilst unloading the equipment for the ‘operation, – including wheelbarrows, bin bags, gloves and pickers for the […]

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Guardian's Reformed & First Clean Up

Guardian’s Reformed & First Clean Up

On Saturday the 25th of Shedding members of the Odinic Rite gathered at the White Horse Stone in North Kent to rekindle a group, which had first been formed back in the 80’s, ‘The Guardians of the White Horse Stone’. It was this group which had carried out previous work at the site, including building […]

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