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Vandals deface Uffington White Horse in Oxfordshire

Vandals deface Uffington White Horse in Oxfordshire

Vandals have targeted the ancient Uffington White Horse in Oxfordshire by spraying part of it purple. Officers from Thames Valley Police were called to the 3,000-year-old chalk monument at about 2200 BST on Thursday. They found the head and eye of the horse had been sprayed with purple paint. A banner that read “fathers 4 […]

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Frey’s Beacon Guardians

Inspired by the fantastic work put in by the Guardians of the White Horse Stone, Freys Beacon Hearth AOR have set up our own “Guardians” group, which will keep the area of The Forest of Bowland in Lancashire clear of litter and rubbish. The forest is an area of outstanding natural beauty and is the spiritual […]

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UN threatens to act against Britain for failure to protect heritage sites

The UN is threatening to put the Tower of London on its list of world heritage sites in danger after its experts accused the UK of damaging globally significant sites such as Stonehenge, the old town of Edinburgh and the Georgian centre of Bath, the Guardian has learned. Unesco, the UN’s cultural agency, has told […]

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Earth Day 2007

As Odinists, we should make guardianship of Mother Jorth a priority at all times. We need to ensure such things as constant vigilance over the way we dispose of our rubbish, the way we utilise her precious gifts of resources such as water, wood, energy reserves etc and generally work to raise this same awareness […]

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Guardians Cleanup No.6 - A new site.

Guardians Cleanup No.6 – A new site.

On a beautiful Sunny Ostara morning the Guardians met in North Kent to carry out the first clean up of 2257. We met at our usual meeting place on Blue Bell Hill prior to travelling the short distance to the planned new clean up site. Over the past three years the Guardians have removed a […]

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Burial mound saved in the Netherlands

Burial mound saved in the Netherlands

A report from our Dutch friend Boyke: For years now the burial mounds in the Dutch Province Drenthe have been neglected and sometimes heavily damaged. In the last couple of year’s young people do not appear to know the importance of these structures anymore and are therefore treating them with no respect at all. A […]

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Odainsacre Hearth Trash Cleanup

A report from a Guardian’s event in North Carolina USA: On Sunday, May 21 Odainsacre Hearth AOR, under the banner of the OR Environmental Concerns Office, conducted a trash pickup at Falls Lake in Raleigh, NC. Falls Lake is a fishing area and the main water supply for Wake County. At 12 noon five members […]

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White Horse Stone nominated as English Icon

The White Horse Stone has been nominated as an English icon at The site asks members of the public to vote on a whole host of entries to find definitive icons of England. The nomination was entered with the following comment: The ancient White Horse Stone in Kent is, according to English legend, the […]

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