White Horse Stone attacked again!

| March 26, 2013 | 3 Comments
White Horse Stone attacked again!

Just as the stone was beginning to recover from the last attack and efforts to fade the paint naturally were taking effect, we are sad to report that the stone has once again been subjected to an act of vandalism.

We received a report that someone had painted “runic” symbols on the stone in red paint. One of our members paid a visit today and found that this was in fact sadly true. A pair of sigrunes, a bind rune and another symbol (Dagaz rune?) had been daubed on the stone in red paint.

The paint used appears to be crimson red artist oil paint and it was still wet. A newspaper found at the scene which had paint on it also would indicate that this act was committed some time after March 14th. The brush used was found discarded in the field behind the stone and there were signs of paint on one of the stones which normally lies in the undergrowth adjacent to the stone but had been dumped onto a fire in front of it. A “no vehicles” sign at the bottom of the path leading up to the stone was also painted, this time with a pentagram.

It is unthinkable to us that anyone with the slightest respect for this sacred site would have committed such an act and it is always possible that this has been done in attempt to discredit those who hold the stone as a sacred site.

If anyone has any information please do contact us. Do you recognise the bind rune? Did you see anyone acting suspiciously at the stone? Any information will be treated in confidence.

We are currently seeking guidance on the best means of dealing with this paint and would urge people to hold off from well-meaning attempts to clean off the paint.

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  1. Widuhudar says:

    Very sad news. When the unworthy people desire to rise, they violate the noble places: but those who abuse of a symbol, do this at their own risk… Oil color, when fresh, can be removed without problems (more difficult to remove when it’s dry, oil painting has the ability to dry very slowly, and this is its advantage, anyway)

  2. Jake says:

    set up a deer camera and catch them next time!

  3. Gary says:

    Sorry to see the stone vandalised again.

    As someone who has used various paint removing hand cleaners down the years (Decorator) HallsBeeline make a product called Handklenz which will safely take wet or dry paint off most surfaces, available from places like Brewers.

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