Planting at the WHS

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Planting at the WHS

In late Fogmoon (November) Andy Robertson and myself met at the White Horse Stone to plant 30 native hedge plants. For the past few years we have been removed a great deal of rubbish from the immediate and surrounding area and at our last clear up we decided it was the right time to begin the process of restoring the area around the Stone itself to a more natural and sympathetic state.

Some time back another group removed far too much of the natural vegetation from around the Stone in an unsympathetic way, though their intention was probably well meaning it left the area rather barren and so we have now started a programme to enhance the area with the planting of native hedge plants including Holly, Dog Rose, Hazel, Hawthorn, Buckthorn and Dogwood.

We had the good fortune to have been given over 40 rabbit guards and plant feed from Andy’s partner Broni and I had managed to secure four bags of compost from the local nursery as a donation. The Hedge plants were also obtained free from the Woodland Trust, a very noble charity which is dedicated to restoring and protecting native woodland in the UK and provided the plants as part of a project to plant 12 million native trees.

These packs of hedge plants and trees can be requested via the woodland trust’s website and I sincerely hope that every Hearth in the UK applies for a pack under “youth group” and where possible get the children involved in planting. We are expecting a second pack in Feb or March and will be getting the young Guardians involved in the planting of this second batch of Hedge plants, re-connecting our youth with nature is key to helping them understand the integral link between mankind and nature.

First stage of replanting at the WHS

First stage of replanting at the WHS

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