Guardians Cleanup No.6 – A new site.

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Guardians Cleanup No.6 - A new site.

On a beautiful Sunny Ostara morning the Guardians met in North Kent to carry out the first clean up of 2257. We met at our usual meeting place on Blue Bell Hill prior to travelling the short distance to the planned new clean up site. Over the past three years the Guardians have removed a tremendous amount of rubbish from the area around the White Horse Stone. I would not like to guess at the actual weight of all that rubbish, but it would certainly fill many skips. Such a good job has been done by the Guardians that it was decided that it was time to seek out another location in need of some TLC (tender loving care) from the Guardians, so after some searching I decided upon a location within a few miles of the WHS and along the North Downs Way.

The site itself is known locally as Wouldham common and sadly a prime location for fly-tipping as there is reasonable access to the area by a track. We left several of our vehicles at a safe location and many of the Guardians walked down to the clean up site. On arrival Asrad detailed the working parties to their various task’s. The children set about clearing the general litter from along the NDW foot path all the way down the Shoulder of Mutton Wood whilst the adults set about bagging up the fly-tipped bathroom suite and general household rubbish that had been dumped by some mindless moron, most likely a builder seeking to avoid paying waste removal fees.

Moving like a well oiled machine the Guardians made short work of removing all the rubbish and moving it to the agreed collection point in readiness for Tonbridge and Malling Council to collect. Amazingly the fly tippers had even dumped green waste, garden cuttings which could have been composted or taken away free by the council (90% of local councils in England collect green waste free of charge).

The next task was to carry out a clean up of the NDW track. The NDW is very popular with walkers and cyclists, but like many other places such activity brings those that do not appreciate the beauty of the area they are enjoying and so a great deal of litter is dumped by a few selfish idiots. With litter pickers (provided by the council) the Guardians set about clearing the hedgerow and woodland along the NDW with great efficiency. In just a few hours we had cleared a massive amount of rubbish and the area looked a great deal better having been cleansed.

Throughout the clear up we were passed by walkers, cyclist and local people walking their dogs, many stopped and asked questions, and Hengest did a great job as PR officer, though even he was taken back when one rather dim person asked us if we were dumping or clearing, obviously they missed everyone wearing a guardians t-shirt!

Well I’m a bit of taskmaster but decided that everyone had done a superb job so agreed to break for a well earned lunch. Wouldham Common was chosen for the picnic site and we set about lighting the BBQ’s and getting the kettle on. Tyrsson had brought his own BBQ’s, though I think he had brought the most ineffective BBQ I have ever seen! Fortunately my superior BBQ was able to provide the workers with adequate amounts of food whilst Tyrsson’s huge burgers gently warmed themselves in the sun! As is normal there was much banter and laughter and everyone enjoyed the beautiful weather, especially the children, they had gone off into the woods to build a shelter.

Reluctantly we cleared away the picnic and prepared ourselves for the final purge before holding Blot at a wonderful site in Shoulder of Mutton Wood. One final sweep of the area resulted in another 5 sack falls of litter. With our task completed we made our way down into Shoulder of Mutton wood and the blot site, a collapsed ring burial mound. The site does not officially have a name other than Shoulder of Mutton Wood (due to its shape), but on old maps and according to some of the older residents of the area it is known as Ringsbury Hill. Even on a modern OS map there are several places in the immediate area which seem to point to this being the original name, Rings Marsh, Ringshill Farm and Ringshill Place, such evidence surely points to Ringsbury Hill being the original name for this site.

Before we gathered for Blot folk took in the atmosphere of the site and its locations overlooking the Nashenden and Medway valleys. The view down to the river Medway is very nice. We always end a Guardians meeting with Blot, our clean up of the area is a religious act after all and so we should honour our Gods and Goddesses as well as Mother Jorth, so we held our Sigurd Blot on top of the Burial mound. Everyone spaced out around the summit of the mound and faced inwards. The Blot itself was both powerful and calming, if that makes sense! The site has a great deal of energy and so the blot itself was enhanced, charged still further with the natural energy of this site, infusing our positive energy, Gealdor and invocations so that a tremendous wave of positive energy surged across the Odal lands and vibrated Wyrd’s web. I think we instinctively know when a site has positive energy and Ringsbury Hill is one of those sites. It was a wonderful way to end what had been a very rewarding day.

I say it every time, but these days are a great deal of hard work, in physical effort and in the organisational aspect, but they are tremendously rewarding, not to mention tremendous fun. After the blot and some final pictures we made our way back to the cars before saying our farewells. A few of us headed off to the Robin Hood pub for dinner, a small pub in the middle of nowhere, and easy to miss if you do not know where it is. After dinner Jaime and John made their way to the WHS whilst I went and collected Blutgeist from the local station (He had been working, so was unable to make the clean up). Tyrsson had suggested that after the clean up that we should hold camp at the WHS, unfortunately he was unable do this himself so just a few hardy souls, Jaime, Blotgeist, John and myself camped out at the WHS. I say camped, but we just had sleeping bags and mats and of course a fire which we kept burning throughout the night. We spent the night talking, putting the world to rights as all Odinist do. This really was a wonderful way to follow up a wonderful day and when morning came we broke camp and packed the car.

Before dropping Jaime and Blotgeist back I took them to two other local monuments they had not seen, Kit’s Coty House and Little Kit’s Coty, also known as the Countless Stones as legend has it you cannot count the stones accurately without being turned to stone yourself. It was a truly wonderful weekend and so I would like to thank everyone for making the effort to attend and for all the hard work and laughter. I’m proud to know you and count you as friends and comrades.

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