Earth Day 2007

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As Odinists, we should make guardianship of Mother Jorth a priority at all times. We need to ensure such things as constant vigilance over the way we dispose of our rubbish, the way we utilise her precious gifts of resources such as water, wood, energy reserves etc and generally work to raise this same awareness in others also. In this latter task, Earth day is a golden opportunity for us to do just this, being as it is a specifically cited date within the diaries of the wider populace due to its historical roots. The original significance of Earth Day lays with its origins in a day known as Arbor Day. April 22nd is the birthday of Julius Sterling Morton, the founder of Arbor Day, a national tree-planting holiday that was initiated in 1872. Arbor Day became a legal holiday in Nebraska in 1885, to be permanently observed on April 22nd. According to the National Arbor Day Foundation “the most common day for the state observances is the last Friday in April . . . but a number of state Arbor Days are at other times to coincide with the best tree planting weather.” In recent times and apart from in Nebraska where it originated, it has largely been eclipsed by the more widely observed Earth Day. It is often extended from April 16th-22nd as a week long celebration.

Throughout the Rite, many folk gallantly took to the great outdoors in a bid to support the day in whatever way they could manage. In Vinland, Hadley, Donar’s Hearth and Heimgest with Eowyn all worked in their respective areas, whilst in the UK, The Guardians did their bit. Here follows the reports made by the participants themselves that show the vital activities some of our folk were involved in:


“Well, Earth Day here in the city was held yesterday, on Saturday April 21st, due to the fact that there wouldn’t have been any turnout if it had been held on Sunday (!). I had volunteered to plant trees in a local park (Schiller Park in German Village, near my house) since I figured it would be a good way to a) help promote environmental awareness in my locality and b) help to further the ‘greening’ of the city. When I arrived early in the morning to the designated location, I was informed that the mayor would be arriving shortly and that we were all to watch him plant the first tree, then we would be broken up into separate groups to work for the rest of the morning. OK, whatever. Well, as the mayor arrived the crowd (naturally) swelled, and in the end everyone who had been assigned other tasks (such as picking up trash or weeding) insisted on planting trees with the mayor, leaving many jobs unattended to. So, since I was there to work and not to gape at a politician I have no respect for, I revolunteered myself to shovel immense piles of mulch over the nearby playground. Mulching isn’t exactly my idea of promoting environmental awareness, but children are vital… and they will be the ones taking over the task of stewardship and conservation in the future. Apparently just shy of 1,000 people across the city spent the morning volunteering, which is impressive in my opinion, regardless of their motivations for helping out. Hopefully a few of those folks will continue to live in a manner that has less impact on our Mother Jorth, and help to guide the future generations in making wise and conscious choices. Earth Day is a great resource for drawing public attention to important causes… but the key is in daily awareness and practice.”

Heimgest and Eowyn (April 22nd):

“Today, Heimgest and I had a riot! Enough of the “Stop HAARP, Stop chemtrail” leaflets were printed out so that we could walk around the shopping mall in a town about an hour’s drive away. Because we have to fund such things ourselves, it seems wise to at least try and get the information out to places where it might actually be read: that was an unlikely occurrence in “the Wack!” First stop was the library where we strategically placed a few around the magazine and newspapers section and then it was on to one of the malls. Having successfully managed to keep our distance between a security guard and ourselves (he was obviously taking his duties far too seriously considering the wage he would be getting, on a Sunday!), we distributed a goodly number to the most likely-looking candidates. Then it was on to an excellent coffee shop where the coffee is ground on site and folk can read one of the many books, magazines and newspapers they have, or just gaze around at the original artwork on the wall; this was a good place to leave a few more leaflets, which we of course did. A final trip to Fort Langley- the oldest town in BC saw us lightened of a few more, A handy notice board was discovered opposite the local church so a couple simply had to be pinned up there! Altogether a very successful and excellent day in every way. This last week, we have also created a space to house some Mason bees, which we purchased at very small cost. Many of you will have read the posts on the declining number of bees as they just disappear from hives; doubtless, HAARP and chemtrails are a huge causative factor in this. The situation is dire: no bees would see the end of mankind within 4 years. But I think anyone who has a balcony, patio or garden should help avert this tide by setting up a space for Mason bees: they are inexpensive to purchase, cost virtually nothing to keep, are 75% more efficient pollinators than honey bees and don’t travel far from home. There are also other solitary types of bee you could consider: a search on the net will tell you what you need to know. Oh yes, and mason bees don’t sting unless seriously provoked and then it apparently only feels like a mosquito bite! Our work isn’t finished. We shall continue putting out leaflets in suitable locations and probably head to Vancouver, where we can perhaps be more certain that folk will read the literature- even if they do nothing except speak to a friend about it; every little helps and remember: no act with the right intention- however small- is too small for planet Earth.” (copies of the leaflet can be found on the files section of the forum and will soon also be available via “The Guardian’s” website).

Donar’s Hearth (April 22nd):

“Our Hearth went out and beautified Mother Jorth by picking up trash in our designated area. We were really worried because the weather report wasn’t looking so great, but once again the Gods and Goddesses blessed us with a beautiful few hours to clean up! This was the first time Astrid and Thora were able to help out (there is an age restriction). It is funny to think when we first got this stretch of highway Astrid was 9 and Thora was 8. Again…handing the torch to the next generation. Change starts at home, or within the Hearth. Monica and Derek came out to help as well. It is nice to have loyal Hearth members that one can count on for every Folkish endeavour.” Then later on the same day… “we were at the skate park (our weekly skateboarding practice) and it was so messy AND we still had the adopt-ahighway stuff in the van, so we decided to pick up trash there. Hakon loved it! Gunnar wouldn’t let me take a picture of him…LOL…but he helped tons too!

The Guardians of the White Horse Stone:

Asrad has already written a very comprehensive report of this event so I shan’t go into detail suffice it to say that The Guardians of the White Horse Stone did another major clean-up operation on April 22nd in which heaps of rubbish was removed from the footpath and hedgerows. This time they turned their attention to a site a short distance away from the White Horse Stone: Shoulder of Mutton Wood- set in an area of great beauty overlooking the Medway- is home to a large burial mound of around 3500 years of age. This very successful operation was followed up by celebration of the Sigurd Blot on the burial mound itself. Here are a couple of photos to remind folk of some of the amazing work they did:

The importance of environmental activism within the Rite cannot be overstated. As can be seen here, we already have several dedicated activists on both sides of the pond. However, we can never have enough folk working within this field of activity. In these turbulent times when our very planetary home is being wilfully destroyed in the names of global power and corruption, we musteach and every one of us- do whatever is within our power to help thwart this great tide of destruction that sweeps beautiful Mother Jorth. To be constantly aware of the way we dispose of our household refuse- by recycling where we can and being mindful of what liquids we tip down the sink, which end up in our waterways amongst other measures- is of paramount importance. Likewise, what chemicals are you using on your garden that also seep into the ground and down through to the water tables? Humans, animals and plants alike depend upon that water for survival. All our activities in the here and now impact all other life forms and hold implications for future generations through the great web of wyrd. To care for Mother Jorth in a state of constant awareness is an act of sacred vigilance; by performing tasks- such as cleaning up rubbish- we clear her great meridians that criss-cross our lands so their energies might again flow free of negativity; then they can properly nourish and sustain vibrant life. By raising awareness in others about issues that pollute and threaten the very existence of life on earth, we spread the torch of knowledge, which inspires soul directed action; for our soul parts are intimately bound up with that of our great mother. Thus, in helping her, we are also helping ourselves and all life forms. For as proud Odinists standing at the helm of the New Awakening, we shout a defiant “yes” to life in the face of all that threatens our folkways. And so once again bright Berkana may dance upon our lands and within the hearts of our people!

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