White Horse Stone, Orange & Me

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I finally got around to ringing Orange for a PAC(K) code today, that enables me to change network. I have been meaning to dump them for a while after I heard about the White Horse Stone.

It seems they have given up their plans for a second time, nevertheless, I don’t want anything to do with a French company intent on defacing English monuments for profit, so I’m off.I was going to try Vodafone, seems they have English call centres too, so that is a bonus.

Anyway, the call I made about the PAC(K) code involved my being asked why I was leaving. The bloke asked me why, and I told him. He then said he could better my current tariff, as if that was going to keep me. It should have been obvious that I wasn’t leaving on monetary grounds. He also said that the call wouldn’t be logged as an official complaint.

I will probably write a letter of complaint, explaining that I am not prepared to tolerate such behaviour from a company.

I’d advise all other Orange / OR members to do like wise! They won’t try anything like it again if we vote with our feet.


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