Burial mound saved in the Netherlands

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Burial mound saved in the Netherlands

A report from our Dutch friend Boyke:

For years now the burial mounds in the Dutch Province Drenthe have been neglected and sometimes heavily damaged. In the last couple of year’s young people do not appear to know the importance of these structures anymore and are therefore treating them with no respect at all.

A couple of years ago the first real damage was done to the burial mounds when people damaged burial mounds by pushing them over, or spraypainting things on them.

In a small town called Annen people used a burial mound which was standing in the centre of the town as a bike stand. This was unacceptable and action was taken, like sending letters, telephone calls; small meetings etc. were held to make sure that this burial mound, which is beside the graves of our ancestors and is also an object of remembrance for what our forefathers have accomplished.

Now finally after many telephone calls, lots of letter writing and talking with other people who are involved with saving these monuments and graves, the local authority has decided to put a fence around the burial mound D9 in the town Annen and a cleaning crew will help by cleaning it once a month.

Also the idea of burying the burial mounds under a layer of sand to prevent them from being further damaged has been successfully cancelled and other more preservation ideas are now being considered and executed to make sure that the burial mounds will be honoured and respected again.

Although this battle is over, the war has not yet been won since a lot of people do not understand the importance of these stones and structures. We need to make people aware of what these stones represent and when people start to realize this then we are on the way of good preservation.

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