Fourth Guardians Clean-up

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Fourth Guardians Clean-up

On the 11th Lenting this year a 21 strong team of Guardians set about clearing further rubbish from the area around the sacred White Horse Stone. To be perfectly honest I had not anticipated collecting a great deal of rubbish as so much had already been cleared on previous clean-ups, yet the twenty one strong team of Guardians including children set about the task at hand with great vigour. A general litter pick of the area around the WHS generated very little litter I’m pleased to report, so we decided to extent our area. Over the previous clean-ups I thought we had cleared nearly all the major rubbish, yet once again we began to turn up a large amount of rubbish including tyres, paint tins, building rubbish, bottles and all manner of other items.

One of the problems we face when clearing this polluting rubbish is the distance we actually have to carry it. We are unable to get a vehicle to the area now as at long last the authorities have installed barriers to prevent vehicles using this as a dumping ground, but of course this does mean that the rubbish needs to carried the 600 meters or so to the collection area. We could of course get barrows but the logistic of getting them to the site along with everything else is not easy, and as I mentioned earlier, I really was not expecting to find this amount of rubbish.

Lunch brought a welcome break for everyone, though the kitchen staff (Fran, Ruth and I) had to work hard and fast to ensure everyone was supplied with some hot food and a mug of tea. It was just as well that the food and the tea were hot, for no sooner had we started cooking then the sky turned very grey and the snow started to fall. Fortunately the Guardians are a hardy bunch and the snow was laughed off and accepted as a clear sign that Ostara had not quite taken over from Ullr just yet!

Well as soon as everyone was feed and watered, we set off again for the final search and left our base camp (Ice station zero). It did not take long for our scout Heidi to locate yet more tyres and some more tins of paint and another rather surprising find. Just off the main track a fruit machine (gambling machine) had been dumped. It had obviously been stolen sometime ago and dumped in the bushes. It was not easy to get to with the brambles, but we were determined to remove this rubbish. It took a fair time to get all the various part out as it had started to rot and the whole thing fell to pieces as we started to move it. We had nearly finished when Peter G noticed that amongst the rubbish there was a beautiful Peacock butterfly (identified by Clare, one of the young Guardians). It is amazing that such a beautiful butterfly could survive amongst the rubbish, not to mention our boots as we must have walked around it whilst recovering the fruit machine.

With the last of the rubbish carried back to the collection area, well actually I say carried, there was one person who shall remain nameless (Hrothgar of the Wolf and Raven Hearth) that decided to roll the tyres down the path without first informing the chap at the bottom that they were coming! The result being several tyres crashed into me with several more just missing! Fortunately for the individual I was not hurt, but I’ve marked his card for future reprisal!!

When all the rubbish had been stacked ready for collection by the local council we could not believe that we had managed to clear so much rubbish in such a short amount of time. It just shows that with just a few dedicated people you can achieve a great deal.

Once the work was completed we prepared to hold Blot at the White Horse Stone. With the site prepared we defined the sacred Ve and protected it. With the fire lit the Rune chant began and so too did the snow once more. The snow actually added to the blot, it’s hard to explain how but we all felt it gave the Blot a special feeling to it. Later on during the Gealdor the wind suddenly picked up and swirled around the trees, whisked up the fire and then just as suddenly died down. This sacred site is imbued with positive energy, it radiates energy and it shall forever remain special to us.

Just as at the previous clean-ups we have achieved a great deal, more so than I had expected. There will come a time when our clear ups will not result in finding so much rubbish, but there is still work to be carried out here yet and our next clean up is scheduled for Shedding. I’d like to thank everyone that attended and worked so hard, we had fun and plenty of laughs as well as the hard work. We celebrated Blot together and honoured our Gods and Goddesses. This is living Odinism, this is what being a community is all about and long may it continue and grow.

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