White Horse Stone nominated as English Icon

| January 15, 2006 | 0 Comments

The White Horse Stone has been nominated as an English icon at http://www.icons.org.uk.

The site asks members of the public to vote on a whole host of entries to find definitive icons of England. The nomination was entered with the following comment:

The ancient White Horse Stone in Kent is, according to English legend, the burial marker for Horsa. Horsa was a Jutish leader who, with his brother Hengest, lead the Anglo-Saxon settlement in Britain in the 5th century, and laid the foundations for England. It is of paramount national importance to the English. The White Horse features on the flag of Kent as a reminder of Hengest and Horsa, who lead the English into Britain. There are numerous White Horses carved into the English landscape, carved by Anglo-Saxons and Brythonic Celts. The White Horse is an ancient totemic animal of the English. It reminds them of their Teutonic heritage, for the Roman historian Tacitus as far back as AD 98 said that the White Horse was a sacred animal to the Teutonic tribes.

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