Guardians Clean-up – September 3rd 2005

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Guardians Clean-up - September 3rd 2005

The Guardians held their third clean up of the area around the White Horse Stone on Saturday the 3 of Shedding 2255 re.

A slightly smaller gathering than last time, as this clean up was called at rather short notice, but there was still a good turn out with seven adults and seven youngsters keen to get stuck into the piles of rubbish which still litter the area. Our aim for the clear up was to remove as much rubbish as possible from the woods near a previous clean up and to clean the stone of chalked graffiti, of which there was a awful lot of this time round.

Ruth removing the chalked graffiti from the WHS .

Ruth removing the chalked graffiti from the WHS .

We split into two parties and set about the work. There was a large amount of car parts, bonnets, boots, tyres, dashboards and doors. Along with enough car parts to build our own car! There was the usual building rubbish and the ever-present glass! Bottles are one thing, but smashed window glass proved to be very difficult to clear, especially as there was so much of it. Still we made great progress and working in teams to move the rubbish down the track to the collection area where we soon had a massive pile of rubbish stacked.

I’ve said this before, but I cannot believe the effort people go to, to actually dump the rubbish up there. Though until recently even a van could drive up the track and dump the rubbish without being seen. Now that the authorities have put in bollards to prevent four wheeled vehicles gaining access in to this area I hope that the incidents of fly tipping will reduce or stop altogether.

Preparing to move the rubbish down the track

Preparing to move the rubbish down the track

Once the vast majority of the work had been done, we took a well-deserved break for lunch. Everyone had brought food so we had a fair feast! The BBQ provided a constant flow of hot food for everyone, even Jeb, John’s Bull Terrier enjoyed a few hot dogs! Lunch was a very relaxed affair, so relaxed in fact Andy fell asleep after the morning’s rigours, though he claimed it was due to a very late night, yeah okay Andy!

20160828 003

John, Andy and Hengest removing the rubbish.

With the lunch break over we managed to prise Hengest out of his chair. Whilst some cleared the lunch things away and gathered firewood the children went off to play, the rest of us brought down the final piles of rubble and rubbish to the collection area. During the day we had chance to talk to quite a few people that were visiting the area and explain what we were doing. This was a good opportunity to promote our work and the Rite.

20160828 002

Prepared for Blot

With the work completed we prepared to hold Blot. Our efforts to clear the rubbish from this area are as much spiritual as they are physical. The dumping of rubbish is an extremely negative act and that negativity needs to be cleansed and replaced with positive energy. The positive energy of the Guardians and our work goes a long way to doing this by removing the pollutants, but it is our ritual working of this area which will build up the positive energy of our Odal lands. We must give back something to Mother Jorth, repeatedly taking without giving back is not our way; it is not the Odinic way. We can each contribute to the healing of Mother Jorth with regular rituals and simple acts of cleansing. The purpose of the Guardians of the White Horse Stone is to cleanse and heal, but it is also about encouraging others to take on similar projects and to demonstrate that as Odinists we should be active guardians of Mother Jorth and not armchair environmentalists. I know that many of you do undertake similar work, so I would ask you to let us know about it and send in a report. I am sure that you would all like to see something other than the Guardians of the White Horse Stone report each issue!

Once the blot was over and the children had finished poking the fire (something all children seem to love, after all it is the first mystery and if a fire can hold our attentions as we gaze into it, then why not the children?)  our final act before making our way to the local pub for a well-deserved drink and evening meal was to label the pile of rubbish so that people knew that it had not been dumped and was merely waiting collection.

The collected rubbish labelled ready for removal.

The collected rubbish labelled ready for removal.

During the evening we enjoyed a relaxing drink and meal while the children re-enacted Helms Deep. All to soon it was time for our farewells. This had been a amazingly enjoyable day for me personally and I am certain that everyone enjoyed themselves, despite the dirt, sweat and very hard work, we had enjoyed being together as kin. We experienced great kinship, which will not leave us. To me this is what is so good about the OR, this is what being an Odinist is all about and I am proud to call these good folk my friends and family.

20160828 005

The Guardians, true friends and family.


Hail The Guardians!

Hail All true and noble folk!

Hail Mother Jorth!

UPDATE:  Unfortunately the positive actions of this day were marred by an offensive and ignorant email we received after the event. Please see our post “Fighting Denigration!” for details.






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